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Bibliometric Services of the University of Vienna

The Bibliometrics Department has been recently established at the Library and Archive Services to provide bibliometric data to scientists, institutes, faculties and other decision-makers and to help them in the interpretation of such data.

This Web page presents clearly and succinctly all of the bibliometric terms that form the basis of important decisions such as the distributions of budgets or the allocation of positions or awards.

In addition to strategies recommended to increase the visibility of University publications, various bibliometric advisory services are offered to all scientific staff of our University.

Furthermore, the Working Group (WG) on Scientometrics has been in existence since 2007.  The WG is an informal forum of communication and coordination between the organizational units of the University of  Vienna that are required to face up to the challenges of scientometrics.  Participants include library staff as well as staff of the Department for Quality Assurance and of the Rector’s Office.  The WG distributes information on the activities of the various divisions relating to scientometrics and aims to combine the various expert knowledge available on the issue.


  • Basic training on bibliometric and other databases (WoS, Scopus)
  • Bibliometric Advice on optimization and personalization of publication output (ResearcherID etc.)
  • Applications of evaluations by means of bibliometric databases (plus JCR, ESI, …)
  • Performance of bibliometric analysis and Expert analysis
  • General information about or research documentation system RAD and practical information on data entry
  • General information on Open Access and advice on release of new publications

Basic training on "Bibliometric databases"

The training covers access, contents, efficient searches, creation of user accounts and much more in the two most important bibliometric databases, Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus.

Goal: The identification and processing of literature by content, author- or institution-specific criteria as well as of citations and references.

Target groups: scientists, interested students, staff involved in evaluations, literature lists or similar.


The advisory service aims to help users find, calculate and interpret the various bibliometric indicators for journals and articles and for the output of authors and institutions.

Impact Factor, h-Index, Immediacy Index and many others are introduced and explained and their advantages and disadvantages are described. The focus is not only on bibliometric databases; attention will also be paid to evaluation products such as Journal Citation Reports (JCR) and Essential Science Indicators (ESI).

Goal: Enrichment of publication lists with evaluation data, targeted and relevant classification of the data, critical understanding of rankings.

Target groups: staff involved in evaluations, literature lists or similar.


Bibliometrics is an important approach in the evaluation of research activities and research quality – not only in the evaluation and assessment of entire universities (such as in the various university rankings) but also increasingly at the level of research groups (e.g. in allocating third-party funding) and of individual scientists (e.g. in applications for professorial positions). Throughout the world, the two publication databases Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) and Scopus (Elsevier) are the tools of choice.  The application of these databases in evaluations and assessments requires a specific procedure according to the issue and the discipline, e.g. because publication cultures and expectations are peculiar to individual disciplines and need to be taken into account.

The Working Group on Bilbiometrics provides support for applications of the publication databases (e.g. demonstration of the possibilities, advice on procedures, data collection and evaluation).


In addition to offering practical services to staff of the University of Vienna, the Bibliometrics Department is involved in a large number of national and international projects in various areas (research, publications, expertise, lectures, teaching etc.).

Expert analysis

This section presents a selection of expert analyses prepared by our department.  Please note that not all of them are available to the public as some of the documents are internal reports.

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